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From UC Berkeley’s North Gate, husband-and-wife team offer all-organic, cruelty-free, made-to-order wraps as big as bricks. Your choice of pillowy, house-baked naan or dairy-free, whole-grain roti is rolled tightly around masala potatoes and salad greens plus your choice of a number of slightly Berkeleyized Indian classics.

5 Easy Steps

1. Choose a wrap 2. Add Masala Potatoes (main Fillings) 3. Add Fresh Produce 4. Spice it up with some Chutney 5. Sides & Drinks

Combining tandoori chicken and naan into a wrap is genius

The ingredients are super fresh and we stuff the wrap with tons of organic meat!

Try our Fresh Organic Produce

.Organic Tomatoes .Organic Cucumber .Fresh Onion .Cilantro .Chopped Organic Romain Lettuce .Green Chilies .Organic Mixed Greens

Fresh Homemade Naan

Try our Naan – A soft and fluffy flatbread made with white flour, yeest. Baking powder, Yogurt and milk.. Roti – Whole wheat flat bread with no dairy.

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Clients Reviews

Solid experience for an Indian wrap the size of your head! My friend and I split a butter chicken naan wrap, and we were both completely stuffed and satisfied afterward. The butter chicken is their most popular option, and it tastes so similar to chicken tika misala, but in a wrap form so it's even better ;) Get it with the yogurt sauce--the combination of flavors is delish!

Cathy X. Berkeley, CA

This is basically an Indian version of Chipotle, and I'm a fan! Urbann Turbann is part of the little slew of shops along Euclid, and it's such a bustling street, especially during the daytime. I love the customizability, the friendliness of the workers, and the freshness of the food.

Maggie X. San Ramon, CA

This is decent Indian food, but what justifies it as a 4 star joint is its convenience! I'm often at Cal and this is right off the north side of campus. They are quick to get to and quick to serve. As everyone has mentioned... Urbann Turbann is like chipotle. Line up and order by picking your wrap, selecting a meat and fixin's. Prices are decent considering the portion size. I could only eat half! Their wraps and rice bowls are pretty big!
I've only had the butter chicken. I do love vindaloo and will try that next time!

Earlene C. East Bay, CA

Why did it take me until junior year to try this place? :[ Urbann Turbann is like Chipotle for Indian food. I had a rice bowl with butter chicken and the coconut chutney on top. It was DELICIOUS. The chicken was moist and the rice was flavorful. There are also healthy options (brown rice) and lots of fresh vegetables. I am definitely coming back when I'm on Northside. Actually, I'd be willing to make the trek over even if I'm not! I only wish they had more dining space!

Kelly H. Berkeley, CA


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