About Us


Since June 2010 Urbann Turbann has been serving our modern take on fresh and flavorful Indian cuisine to CAL students, university faculty and North Berkeley residents.  The secret to our success is very simple, hire great, hard working and friendly employees who genuinely care about making everyone’s dining experience as perfect as possible.  Then empower that team with traditional Indian recipes.  At Urbann Turbann we make EVERYTHING from scratch, from our breads and main entrees to our chutneys, samosa’s, lassi’s and chai.  We get fresh meat and produce deliveries daily and we hand cut all of our veggies.  We even roast and grind our spices in-house.  We never have and never will use freezers or microwaves in our kitchen.  We hand kneed fresh dough everyday for our naan  and cook them in traditional tandoors that reach temperatures close to 1000 degrees F.  As long as we’re around we’ll remain committed to maintaining our culinary standards, and if anything is ever sub-par we want to hear about so we can correct it.